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We’re kicking off Star Citizen’s bday celebration with a tournament of the best in the ‘verse, the Ship Showdown! Support your favorite vehicle with an original creation on the community hub or on Twitter with #StarCitizen and #SCShipShowdown. 🚀


We're sitting with John Crewe and David Colson for Star Citizen Live today to answer your questions about all flight ready ships and how they fly, operate and perform in the #StarCitizen universe. Live on #Twitch now.🎥🔴

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This week we go deep, REAL deep, with a look at the contributions of several different teams to the development of planetary cave systems on Inside Star Citizen. 🚀

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We’re looking for a talented Character Art Director to be the driving force for creating the characters of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 - from alien races to Hollywood stars. Think that’s you? Check out the role and apply here:

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